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 Web design 
Reponsive and inovative designs
Base Onsite SEO
We are small art/design/application development team.
 Android applications 
We publish on Google Play Store
Our main abilities are designing clean fresh interfaces for websites and applications, graphic design and building clear semantic identity for your business.
 Graphic design 
We are constantly thinking of ways to improve the standarts for webdesigning and users’ experience.
Logos and business identity
Posters for public events
1. Describe your project

Explain to us things like: Goals, Objectives, Activities, Outputs, Outcomes, Impacts... all from your point of view.

2. Approve the design

You have to choose one of our custom packages. Based on your identity and chosen base colors, we'll send you a design proposal up for review. If you desire changes, we'll make them.

3. Review the deliverables

In the work process we'll keep constant contact with you to assure that everything is running smoothly. If you like, you can send us details about your project and we'll contact you for further clarification.

Payment info
First we'll create a webdesign proposal. We'll work on it until you are satisfied.

After you approve the concept design, we are expecting other 30% of our deal to start writing your website's code, prepare your printer files or vectorize your new corporative identity.

We'll discuss all of your project details, objectives and delivery time frames. When the project is completed and you sanction our work, we'll ask for the final 40%. (close the deal while fully satisfied of our work)
We'll also ask you for an advance payment of 30%. (commit on working with us, while being assured that we can deliver) We believe that this way is most fair for you and for us as well.
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I am a student of Industrial design in The University of Ruse. My main abilities in 3 dimensional visualizations and most of the known graphic software. The linking chain between the other two in Terraformers. Dreamer, workaholic and "a man for the job".

I am Radina and this is a part of my art. I like pastel colors and the bold lines of the stroke, as well as alternative contemporary arts.


I'm mainly responsible for the inner workings of the Terraformers' websites and other projects. My main area of expertise is the Java and JavaScript programming languages, but my skills also include designing and optimizing relational databases, extensive knowledge of Linux operating systems and working with various web servers.My past projects consists of working on a system for digital observation for Bulgarian Department of Police, creating and supporting e-shop, CMS system and various other websites.